New Moon Edward Cullen Banner   5 comments

Here’s an Edward Cullen Banner donated by Robnation

From the donor: was purchased at the Twilight convention in chicago, Oct, 2009. It was purchased from auction for charity (cant’remember what it was) for $130.

47 1/2 x 59 1/2 canvas official Summitt Twilight convention banner. Can only be purchased at the official conventions via auction. Has holes with metal reinforcements on all corners for hanging. Has no frayed ends. Only one error with sewing on bottom left corner which is a manufacturor error with serwing. Has official Summitt logo and official twilight convention logo.

Minimum starting bid for this item is 70.00$ USD 

Please bid for this item in the comments below. 

Item #51

Posted September 18, 2011 by justfp in Posters and other items

5 responses to “New Moon Edward Cullen Banner

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  1. $70 My husband would freak if this was hanging in our bedroom dollars

  2. Just an FYI, the weird glow around the eyes is just the glare. I have seen this in person and it is in perfect shape. This banner is huge and would be a great piece to put in your entertainment or TV room.

  3. I am the owner of the banner and can guarantee it is in perfect condition other then the one corner specified. There was a glare when I took the photos. If you would like to see other pics just let me know and I will snap a few.
    I personally don’t keep these hung up. My Husband would strangle me. We use them for promotional things such as room deco when we go to conventions and such. Otherwise they are stored rolled up and kept in a cool dark place to keep from any fading.


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